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Welcome to the TFB and Feral Falls main website!


Welcome to our website! We're a furry server that's been around for a little while.
We have a friendly community and some custom elements that make gameplay way more fun than it can typically be.
We are a safe place to go and we don't condone bullying or negativity. This is a place where you can bring your friends and have fun.

We have a random teleportation gate right outside of our spawn which can bring you to a random location on the map you can start building and making your special place on our server.
No need to walk a long long distance from spawn!

We have plugins such as McMMO which give you the ability to level up certain skills, use special abilities, and climb top rankings on the server!
We have a shop where you can buy blocks and items with money you earn in our server economy!
We have a lottery plugin where you can buy tickets and win big!
We have custom enchantments which can be a big surprise at times!
We have a plugin where you can marry your special person on the server!
We have a plugin where you can tame a mob and have them as your pet!
We have NPCs around which should be offering some more fun soon!

We're always looking for more things to add to make the server more fun for everyone.
If you have any suggestions or input, you can head on over to our server forums at



Meet the Team!

Founder & Owner:

Secondary Owners:


Co Owners:

Head Admin:

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Donate to the server:

This Server survives entirely on contributions from the community.
You guys help keep us alive!

Anything is appreciated, but please read our terms of service requiring donations.

Terms of Service:
By donating, you understand and agree that the general server rules apply to you just like they do any player. You understand that your money is going into an account meant for crowdfunding.
You understand and agree that in the event you may be banned for breaking the server rules, you will not be issued a refund.
You understand that you must be 18 years of age to donate, or have parental approval.